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Dog Policy

The dog-friendly policy we enjoy is a privilege won by Friends of Cranbury Park in exchange for our promise, on behalf of all dog-owners who use the park, to act as park stewards.

We have been unusually successful in maintaining a harmonious atmosphere for all park-goers because most dog owners understand that bringing dogs into the park means agreeing to be canine ambassadors, setting a good example by obeying all the rules and guidelines and by spreading the word.

Not being a canine ambassador is simply not an option in Cranbury Park. Extraordinary courtesy, common sense, and respect for all park-goers are our watchwords. Be mindful of the rights of other park users who may not love or trust your dog as much as you do.

•    Parts of Cranbury Park are dog-friendly—to well-socialized dogs and responsible owners. Dogs are allowed on the trails and in the orchard, never on the Great Lawn or near the mansion, playground or pavilion.
•    Maintain vigilant supervision of your dog at all times. Don’t assume that a cheery “he’s friendly” is enough reassurance if your dog leaps upon trail walkers. Be honest about your dog’s potential behavior. Don’t simply hope for the best in encounters. Dogs act instinctively and do unexpected things; owners must do better than that by anticipating and remaining alert.
•    Dogs must wear collars with current contact, rabies, and license info.
•    Clean up after your dog, every time. Keep our park beautiful by picking up poop and trash left by others. Remind others to do the same.
•    Help to keep the bag-bins supplied by bringing bags from home.
•    Keep a leash immediately at hand, even in off-leash areas.
•    Respect the needs of smaller, less playful or fearful dogs. Your definition of ‘play’ might not be universal.
•    Introduce your dog to new dogs gradually and under supervision. Avoid allowing your dog to participate in rowdy greetings of new dogs.
•     Keep a no-bite muzzle on dogs who might even possibly be aggressive.
•    Speak up to errant dog owners to help them become more responsible.
•    Report any incident that you know poses a hazard to dogs or people in the park. It’s easier to walk away, but as a park steward, you bear a responsibility for what harm that dog (yours or someone else’s) might do in the future. Put these numbers into your cell phone and use them: Animal Control 203-854-3240. For extreme emergencies: Norwalk Police at 203-854-3000. Dogs who do harm will be banned from Norwalk city parks by authority of Recreation & Parks Department.
•    Should an incident occur, refusing to disclose your contact information will result in a firm dis-invitation to visit the park with your dog.

Additional recommendations:
•    Take advantage of dog obedience and puppy socialization classes.
•    Earn an AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate at local classes.