NORWALK — The number of dogs in the parks have been turning some heads lately, according to complaints received by Ken Hughes, superintendent of parks and public property in Norwalk.

During the Recreation, Parks and Culture Affairs Committee meeting last Wednesday, June 14, Hughes brought up the issues raised in the complaints.

“We are fielding a lot of complaints about dog walkers at Cranbury Park with more than three, four, five dogs under their command,” Hughes said.

Under the code of Norwalk’s Department of Recreation and Parks, section 1-4, “at no time shall one handler have more than three dogs under his/her command.”

While this rule is apart of the code, Hughes said it is not easily enforced. Cranbury Park and Taylor Farm in Norwalk are both dog-friendly public parks, he said.

Committee member Josh Goldstein said he is aware of an app, called Wag, which coordinates dog walkers and caregivers with dog owners to provide services such as walking.

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