NORWALK — The southern portion of Cranbury Park will undergo improvements this year as part of the implementation of the Master Plan for Cranbury Park.

The work will include construction of a crushed-gravel trail from the south parcel up to the Gallaher Mansion, renovation of the bunkhouse which once housed staff for the Gallaher estate, and construction of a new “Gothic Arch Pavilion.”

“The Gothic Arch Pavilion will be similar to the one that’s up at Cranbury in the main property, but this one is going in the lower parcel, which is part of the master plan,” said Michael A. Mocciae, the city’s director of recreation and parks. “It will be seating like we have at the existing (pavilion) — picnic tables that seat 100 — and we’ll electricity and there will be lights.”

The city’s Purchasing Department last month received eight bids for construction of the new pavilion, ranging from $79,999 to $137,591. The Department of Recreation and Parks has the project budgeted at $79,900. The bids are currently under review. If a bid is selected and the Common Council approves a contract, Mocciae anticipates the pavilion will built by July.

The city, meanwhile, plans to put the bunkhouse renovation project, also on the southern parcel, out for rebid after the initial round of bids came in too expensive. The city budgeted the project at $250,000. The project is slated for completion by November, according to Mocciae.

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