NORWALK — A half-dozen neighbors gathered at Cranbury Park on Tuesday afternoon to voice concerns about a proposed zip-line course and other developments at the south end of the 220-acre city park off Grumman Avenue.

“We got a bunkhouse that’s going to hold 80 people. We have a pavilion that’s going to hold 80 people and they’re saying about 196 people are going to go through the zip-line on the weekend,” said Grumman Avenue resident Matt Forte. “So you’ve got 400 people here — not up at the main park but near all these homes that are right nearby as well as our schoolyard.”

Grumman Avenue resident Raffaele and Patty Ruffo pointed through the park to Cranbury Elementary School.

“We all have children that go there,” Ruffo said. “You can hear the kids outside and this is a major concern.”

An online petition opposing the zip-line has generated hundreds of signatures, according to the Ruffos.

Resident Diane Lauricella arranged the press conference on behalf of a newly formed organization, which she identified as Cranbury Preservation Association (CPA). She said the group has retained her research regulatory issues related to development of the park.

Earlier, Lauricella and CPA members met with Mayor Harry W. Rilling, Director of Recreation and Parks Michael A. Mocciae and Councilman Travis L. Simms, asking that the city give them time to have their questions answered before advancing the zip-line plan.

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