Dogs are not allowed on the Great Lawn, the playground, or the pavilion areas.

Motorized vehicles are not allowed in the park without Recreation & Park’s permission.

Many trails meander through the disc golf course – keep an eye out for flying discs. If you’re a disc golfer, keep an eye out for hikers.

Please don’t bring any glass into the woods or leave any debris behind anywhere.

Dogs may be off-leash in the Orchard and on wooded trails – not in parking areas. They must be under voice command or on leash. Remember, other park-goers may not appreciate dogs.

Please pick up after your dog immediately and remind others to do the same.

The dog-friendly policy we enjoy is a privilege won by Friends of Cranbury Park in exchange for our promise, on behalf of all dog owners who use the park, to act as park stewards. We have successfully maintained a harmonious atmosphere because most dog owners understand that bringing dogs into the park means agreeing to be canine ambassadors, setting a good example by obeying all the rules and spreading the word. Not being a canine ambassador is simply not an option.

Courtesy, common sense, and respect for all park-goers are our watchwords, regardless of how you use the park.